The main idea of the project:


The idea for the project came from Bulgarian folk tale of Ran Bosilek  ”Plumps for junk”.

One farmer thought to marry his son for good and working girl. He loaded a car with plums and went from village to village to sell them.

– Come, plums for junk, plums for junk! – Shouted the farmer and drove the car through the streets.

When heard the call, women, girls, old women hurry to sweep their houses. They compete, who can collect more garbage, and take more plums. One brings a whole bag, the other – a bushel, third – apron. They start to praise:

– Take a look how much rubbish we gathered around the house! Good, that was the one stupid collector of plums; let’s give it to him for plums!

The farmer took garbage and gave plums. At once time come a nice girl. She holds garbage in the towel.

– E beautiful girl, you gathered a little garbage – said the farmer.

– For so garbage what plums I can give you!

– No more, uncle, we have not more garbage. That garbage is not of our house. They neighbors gave it to me, for having helped them sweep.

Hearing that, the farmer many rejoiced.

– Such a clean and hardworking girl who does not keep garbage at home will be the best wife for my son – he said and he took her for daughter in law.

We thought that we could use the name of the story as the motto for cleaning campaigns on the project. We plan first to identify environmental problems in the border areas, and then to conduct information campaigns to raise public awareness and to motivate people to engage in the environmental actions of protection and finally to organize cleaning campaigns in cities and protected areas along the Danube.

The main objective of the project

is to inform the population of the two border regions for flora and fauna in protected areas and engage people in concrete actions for environmental protection in cities and protected areas of Natura 2000.

Contribution to programme outputs:

Indicator: Number of common strategies, policies or management plans for valorizing (including raising awareness) the cultural and natural heritage through its restoration and promotion for sustainable economic uses

– studied wildlife in protected target areas along the Danube of Mehedinti county and the municipalities from Vidin to Oryahovo

– developed joint strategy for management of protected areas in the target CBC area;

– PLUMS FOR JUNK campaigns for raising public awareness for protected areas and direct action for cleaning of polluted areas;

– traveling scout camp in the protected areas in Mehedinti County and the municipalities from Vidin to Oryahovo

Indicator: Surface area of habitats supported to attain a better conservation status (ha) (COI)

– reduced pollution in Natura 2000 through direct action for cleaning – part of the scout camp

– studied zones of Natura 2000, protected areas and wet zones, developed strategy for joint management